Along with probably every other woman on the planet, one of my New Year’s resolutions was to drop a few pounds. On day one of project exercise-for-one-hour-EVERY-day, I dug through my wadded up workout clothes and realized that perhaps my lack of cute exercise attire was the real reason I lacked motivation to hit the gym.

A few clicks of the mouse later, I had purchased a pair of Lululemon Studio II Pants that I had heard heralded for their versatility, comfort and slenderizing properties. Though the brand became famous for its swanky lineup of yoga apparel, it’s since branched into running clothes and loungewear, and the Studio II Pant seems the best of both worlds. The nifty blend of nylon, spandex and lycra bends and moves with every step or stretch, but my favorite part? The slimming factor! Maybe it’s the super thick, muffin top-minimizing waistband, the strategically placed pockets or the barely perceptible black on black vertical pinstripes, but I felt leaner the moment I slipped them on. One hour of running and a power yoga session later, and I’m considering a second pair in gray. After all, if wearing these pants makes me actually want to workout, they’re worth every penny of the steep, $108 price tag.

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