Six Favorite Satchels


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The time has come when I need to ditch my charming purse and enter into the world of satchels. Everyday I carry with me an outdated laptop bag, my daily purse, a thermos of tea, a bottle of water, and my lunch box. It's too much, and I need to downsize and get my essentials into one main bag. I also spend a lot of time in San Francisco and I'm constantly hoofing it around the city with all of my heavy haul. So, I've been looking for a crossbody bag that can carry all of my stash. I've settled on these six as options. Each is neutral but has a classic, long-lasting look to it, that will last through upcoming trends and seasons. The one on the top right, by Golden Ponies, even converts into a backpack if need be. In fact, the top two bags and the yellow option are all by Golden Ponies, and the black version is by H&M. The others (and a few extras) are featured below. What's your favorite?