Travel Wear


Travel Wear: Fall

I'm traveling next week and while I'm excited, happy, and looking forward to seeing family and friends, the one thing I'm leery about is the travel part. I've got an active 3-year-old and a 10-month-old whose favorite activities are walking with help and stepping on everything he can while he's walking with help. The last thing I want to be thinking about is my wardrobe so of course that's what I'm thinking about most in preparation. Have you heard of a tregging? I hadn't until recently, but what will they think of next to tack onto a legging? These have the comfort of a legging with some of the finer qualities of trouser styling and I love them. In my mind's eye my travel outfit looks something like above. Treggings because they are chic and comfortable for endless hours of contortion in tight airplane quarters, easy on easy off shoes, a large tote bag for, well, I've got two kids, I need a large tote bag, a scarf in case I get chilly, but short or no sleeves in soft comfortable knits in case I get hot, and a simple cardigan to top it all off. Some fun earrings that the baby won't grab, otherwise minimal jewelry, maybe a hat, and a bright, happy lip stain to divert attention away from my tired eyes. I think I'm good to go. TSA here we come!