Fall Cashmere



This week marked the beginning of crisp fall mornings, the kind where you can feel the chill in the air and a pumpkin latte sounds amazing.  The days are still warm here but once the sun sets, that brisk cool night breeze comes back up and you know the days are numbered till you can put on a cozy sweater and wear it comfortably.  A wool sweater is always a nice choice but when it comes to the ultimate luxury on a chilly day, cashmere is always the perfect choice. The price is higher but in my opinion there is nothing more comfortable (or timeless) than a soft cashmere sweater paired with your favorite jeans and boots. Plus, this is a piece you will most likely own for many years to come so spending a bit more now can yield years of wear in the future. I’ve picked out my favorites here and I’m already dreaming about drinking my pumpkin spice latte in this one.