I Just Got a New Face

For numerous reasons, my beauty regimen has fallen off in the past year. My daily use of all the beauty mainstays such as foundation, blush, eyelash curler, mascara, and lipstick have been distilled down to brushing my hair into a bun, using my vitamin C serum and applying a moisturizing lip stain. So, when my foundation ran out, I didn't buy more. Why bother? But here I am a few days before the wedding that I've flown across country to attend and I have no face! To Sephora I ran. I thought I could find what I needed on my own, but with my daughter touching everything in sight while my husband wrangled our squawking baby, I did not have hours to peruse the aisles that I had in the past. So I asked for help. After a brief explanation of my beauty routine, or lack thereof, what I liked and wanted, the expert recommended Per-fekt CC cream in Radiant. It's aptly named. Goes on light, gives the exact amount of coverage I was looking for, feels and looks natural and just made me look better, which made me feel better, which made me think I might start wearing makeup again regularly. Although the price tag was a little daunting at $42, I guess perfection is worth the price.