Fall Hair Repair


Hair Repair



Now that summer has officially come and gone, my hair is definitely looking a little worse for the wear.  All the sun and hot weather really dried it out and when September hit I was in desperate need of some hair therapy.  Over the years I have tried a gamut of hair products but lately I feel like I’ve discovered my favorite no fail products that do the trick on dried out hair. Here’s my game plan to bring lifeless locks back to their glory.

1. I start with AG Ultramoist shampoo and conditioner; this stuff is amazing at detangling and putting moisture back into your hair. The results are pretty dramatic: healthier, more vibrant hair in only a few uses. Try to leave the conditioner on for as long as possible, I aim for five minutes or so.

2. Next I add leave-in conditioner; either AG Fast Food or It’s a Ten. Both products are great but AG is a bit thicker and is good for extremely dry hair.  It’s a Ten is fabulous for everyday use and the formula is a little lighter so if your hair is on the fine side choose this.

3. Until recently I always assumed oil would just leave my hair greasy and looking like it needed a wash.  However, I am loving the wonders Argan Oil does on the ends of hair making them shiny and smooth again. The trick to this oil is to not overdo it, start at the ends and distribute most of the product there. If you have any leftover then move the product slightly upwards but not higher than a couple of inches past your ends.

4. Finally, my secret weapon in battling dry hair is to stop washing it! There is no need to wash your every day.  Excessive washing strips hair of its natural oils and can lead to breakage, making it difficult to grow out your locks. I will admit, I used to wash mine everyday religiously but, after changing my hair washing routine to every fourth day, my hair is more healthier and happier than ever. My secret to making it between washes is dry shampoo. I have love this Suave product and for $3 it’s a steal. However, the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray is phenomenal if you’ve got a little more to spend. Spray a little of these into your locks on day two and three and it will look like you just got a blowout.

Take these four steps and you are on your way to gorgeous locks that your friends will be jealous of.