A Closet Staple Gets An Overhaul


Sweatshirt Dressing

The lowly sweatshirt has come a long way from it's sweaty, shapeless gym days. It made a stop over at too cropped and tight and did a brief stint with matching sweatpants to arrive this season completely elevated. Available practically everywhere at every price point, the modern fashion sweatshirt is now a must-have top. They can be surprisingly elegant and beautiful while achieving a downtown cool look. Printed, fabric mixed, color blocked, embellished, embroidered, the possibilities are endless and a casual loving dresser like me could not be happier. Some of the beaded or embroidered versions are even appropriate for work wear and nights out. Comfortable, warm and gorgeous. Could you find a happier combination when the thermometer keeps dipping? Here are six of my favorites. So far.

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