I guess it has to be mentioned. It's the biggest shopping day of the year. Will I be shopping? No way! I like to save shopping for the last few days before Christmas so I can be really stressed out about not finding just the right gift in the half hour before the store closes. Oh, and for my family back East? Merry Christmas, I know it might be until May but isn't it always nice to get a gift, regardless of the time of year? I'm going to strive to turn over a new sprig of mistletoe and get gift shopping done at a more reasonable time this year. Maybe save myself the cortisol overdose. I'm a firm believer in one-stop shopping sites like Amazon, Anthropologie and Etsy. And I believe in bulk shopping, too. If I find something fabulous, I will think of everyone I know who might like it and get it for all of them. My go-to gift items tend to be: food, (usually homemade but not always), ornaments, books, the giftee's favorite alcohol, and cold weather staples like cute hats, gloves and scarves that someone would probably not buy for themselves but are really glad they have. Also, you'll note these are all unisex. It can be overwhelmingly hard for me to shop by gender sometimes. Here are a few things I'm considering for the special people in my life. Maybe it'll help you out, too. Happy shopping!