Introducing: Acqua E Sapone, San Francisco's Acne/Skin Clinic


I've been an acne sufferer for most of my life. For a long time it was cystic acne, which I've been able to get under control with the use of Tazorac, a high potency vitamin A retinol product from my dermatologist. But I still get occasional small bumps and unsightly red, peeling skin as a side effect of the powerful and effective Tazorac.

Usually, I use Rodin Olio Lusso to soothe and moisturize my flakes and ruddy complexion, but my vial of the luxury serum took a sad spill a while back and most of the bottle was drained. Since then, my skin has been a wreck and something has felt disjointed. I had a feeling it was the products I was using—perhaps they were contraindicative with the Tazorac? Whatever it was, my skin was looking ragged, the flaky patches were back, and small bumps kept appearing. So, I finally decided to talk to someone who specializes in skin products for troubled, sensitive, and acneic skin. 

I met up with Kimmy Williams, owner of Acqua e Sapone, a skincare and acne clinic in San Francisco. We went through a two-hour consultation in her modern, rustic, beautiful spa with a stunning view of the city lights. While there, Williams thoroughly impressed me with her knowledge of skin, products, acne, sensitivity, and more.

During our time together, we went through an extensive interview and she presented me with a remarkable breakdown of ingredients from all of the products I use (I had sent this to her ahead of time), and she noted what items I was using that aren't cleared for acneic skin. Her solution? Change my diet and only use non-comedogenic products. She sent me home with a sample kit of her own line of approved products and for the last three weeks I've been using solely her items (along with my Tazorac), and I can legitimately say that my skin is markedly different. (I didn't even change my diet.) Unsolicited feedback from friends has included commenting on the clarity of my skin, how my skin has never looked better, how the flakes are gone, and the redness is gone. 

Note: This is not a sponsored post, and I don't usually endorse estheticians. If I do, they have to be top-notch, and thoroughly impress me with their skin care knowledge. Williams exceeded my high criteria. And not only that, but she also provides ongoing care to her clients. Over the last few weeks, I've had a series of questions about skincare and she's quick to reply, and thorough in her research for my independent needs. 

In a few weeks, I'll be reviewing her skincare product line (found at, which has transformed the quality of my skin in 21 days. I'll also be doing an informative q&a with Williams about caring for acneic and sensitive skin. Stay tuned. Below, the remarkable San Francisco esthetician, Kimmy Williams.

Acqua e Sapone is at 222 Columbus Ave., Suite 320, San Francisco. Contact Williams at (415) 871-0237.