Eco-Obsession: Beija Flor Naturals

As a natural beauty fanatic, I swoon over new discoveries and revel in trying different products. But, while many smell lovely or have principles to be proud of, not all produce great results. So I’m over the moon when I come across a brand with truly effective, brag-worthy products. Such is the case with Beija Flor Naturals, a Bay Area-based plant-based, organic hair and bodycare line. Two of their products are so integral to my beauty routine that I can’t imagine what I did before them.

The Organic Hemp Buttercream is a sumptuous, thick butter that smells like a cupcake (so if you’re opposed to smelling like mouth-watering treats, it may not be for you) and works wonders on my dry skin. This time of year, my hands, in particular, need some extra TLC, and this seriously moisturizing concoction—with shea, cacao butter, hemp, coconut oil and other oils—does the trick. It’s also marketed as a leave-in hair moisturizer, and I’ve found just a very small dollop massaged into my ends to be helpful.

But I’m happy to leave the hair duties to the Maracuja Milk, the leave-in moisturizer geared toward kinky and curly hair. A quarter-size amount on my damp hair, followed by diffusing, results in more relaxed, frizz-free curls than I can ever remember having. And it has none of the crunchy effects that many curly hair products do.

Another perk with Beija Flor is that I’m not dreading the day I run out of these items because of high price tags. A 2-ounce trial size of the hemp buttercream is only $5, and the 4-ounce size is $14. It’s so thick that only a tiny bit is needed, so I suspect that the jar will last quite awhile even with daily use. But even when it does run out, it’ll be well worth the re-investment. The Maracuja Milk is $16 for a long-lasting 9 ounces. Find the company online at, or at their new brick-and-mortar store, Concept Forty-Seven, at 4727 Telegraph Ave., Oakland.