The Holiday Family Portrait


Left to right. Desiree: Dress, Lauren Moffatt, $425, Cameron Marks / Coat, Stylist's Own / Earrings, $75, Blank Verse Jewelry  / Shoes, BHLDN. Paige: Dress, Gentle Fawn, $105, Jade / Coat, Mia, $215, Jade / Shoes, Stylist's Own / Belt, Stylist's Own / Earrings, $95, Blank Verse Jewelry / Necklace, $80, Blank Verse JewelryAnna: Dress, Sally Esposito Designs, $285 / Coat, Maison Scotch, $275, Cameron Marks / Shoes, Stylist's Own / Necklace, $90, Blank Verse Jewelry. Photo gallery is here.

Some sisters seem to be perpetually in competition with each other. But these three, reunited for the holidays, always cheer each other on with innovative fashion choices: they mix patterns in unexpected ways, using plaids and old-fashioned florals, they elevate their hair styles with wild, party curls, and punch up their makeup palettes. Each complements her winter outfit with one-of-a-kind items from Blank Verse Jewelry. Snapping photos this season with family? Take some daring fashion risks by mixing prints (remember colors should complement each other), and try deep, red lips. And don't for a second tame your tresses.

Photographer: Nick Chao. Creative Director: Christa Martin. Fashion Stylist: Sally Esposito. Hair: Ginger Vaughn. Makeup: Anna Wu. Production Manager: Gina Peters. Models: Desiree Amariei, Paige Harlamoff, Anna Wu. Host: Fred Keeley.