Animal Farm

I’m a big fan of the animal print, and find that if I toss a leopard print flat or zebra belt into an outfit, I somehow feel like I’m channeling my fashion icons like Sienna Miller or my sister Sarah. However I’ve noticed a new animal trend this spring that I am not sure I can wrap my head around—that of the animal motif. A sweater sporting a picture of a horse, a puffed sleeve tee emblazoned with rabbits, or a chiffon blouse printed with a flock of tropical vacation inducing parrots. Really?

When I first saw the horse sweater on for instance, I immediately felt the look was very 1980s prep school, and would fit right into a closet filled with Lacoste’s famous alligator polo shirts. But a few more glances and I was hooked, and what can I say, I’ve always been a sucker for birds. Cute creatures printed on clothing may seem juvenile at first, but if you can’t have fun with fashion, what’s the point of getting dressed?