I'm With Thvm

If you’re like me, I’m usually in search of the perfect pair of jeans. I have many pairs that I like, but nothing that I love. Hence, I am often on the lookout for something new and better than the jeans I put up with from day to day. Once I do find a pair I love, I wear them to death, and eventually when they are gone (and have been mourned), the cycle starts all over again. Imagine my delight when I happened upon a new brand (to me) called Thvm (pronounced “them”) that is my new favorite. They are a denim collective based in Los Angeles and produce quality denim at a reasonable price. Um, yes please! Their goal is to produce simple and sophisticated designs that are not flashy and not overly designed, so that they can blend into one’s individual look and aesthetic. Their aesthetic is pretty cool, so I wouldn’t mind blending in too much.

I love the higher rise (goodbye muffin top!) and the skinny, yet not sausage-leg inducing fit of the leg. They are also so soft and comfortable. Stretchy, but still substantial and not too thin. And the design is simple and understated like they claim, so that they can be dressed up down and go with anything.  Plus, with a price tag of being just over $100 (you can find them for less on sale), they are practically perfect. So great in fact, that this time I bought two pairs. I love thvm.

Discover the line at shop.thvm.com.

Images: shop.thvm.com and www.number-a.co.