A 'Rey' Of Sunshine

As I write this, it's 44 degrees in Santa Cruz—absolutely frigid by California standards—with rain, hail and even snow in the nearby mountains. Lately, I’ve had only one soundtrack for wintry, gray days like this: “Born to Die” by Lana Del Rey. With a big, cinematic sound and the 26-year-old singer’s haunting voice, the album is full of sultry jams perfect for a moody, dark day.

The album oozes fashion references in the vein of classic Americana; the most vivid of the lines about style is in the song “Blue Jeans,” which starts out “Blue jeans, white shirt … It was like James Dean, for sure.” Del Rey’s vintage vibe translates beautifully into her own style, as well, but, unlike her music (which can be irresistibly gloomy), it is characterized by bright colors, big hair, 1960s-style glamour, and, in the photo above, flowers. This colorful image of Del Rey is a welcomed bright spot today.   

Image: Billboard Magazine