Greener Pastures


As anyone who has a sister knows, the grass is always greener in your sister’s closet. In my particular case, my wardrobe is a drab shade of olive while hers appears as bright as the emerald hills of Ireland after a spring rain. She is the most stylish person I know, and try as I might, emulating her eludes even my most fashionable efforts. She knows this, and kindly tries to help, this time in the form of a birthday gift of a gorgeous liquid metal cuff bracelet. Sarah has had a similar bracelet for years, and I have always coveted it, slyly coming up with ways to “borrow” it, then conveniently forget to give it back.

Designed by Sergio Gutierrez, the mesh cuff bracelet sounds intense, punk even. And while far from diminutive, the style remains on the right side of bold while still being feminine and pretty. For any HBO “Breaking Bad” fans out there, you may remember the style as the cool bracelet Skyler wore during season three.

Now that I have my own Sergio Gutierrez creation, my poor sis’ liquid metal bracelet is safe in its perch. The rest of her closet, however, is still looking appealingly green.

Sergio Gutierrez liquid metal bracelets start at $99 and can be found at