Initial It

Are monograms narcissistic? The need of wanting to see your name on your possessions? Or is it just a way to make sure that everyone knows that that object is yours by having your name on it? Does a monogram say, “Don’t think about trying to snatch my (future) monogramed Claire Vivier bag, as much as you may want to!” The cool-girl designer from Los Angeles with a flagship store on Sunset Boulevard, makes the most luscious leather goods that are classic, cool and modern. I am especially in love with her monogrammed carriers and clutches. The striped red, white and blue on tan leather with a monogram is preppy-tomboy cool and can never be mistaken as anyone’s but yours. Or the roomy carry-all bag in its grown-up doctor style has room for all those daily essentials, but is stylish and smart at the same time. I would love to have it as my daily purse, with a lovely embossed, SBY in the leather. I may not have my monogram on one yet, but a girl can dream. This dream comes in leather.