The Forecast is Balmy

As a long time lip balm connoisseur, I’m always game to try any tube, pot or jar I happen across. My obsession for the perfect lip product has led me to fork out anywhere from $20 for a small pot of Benetint’s highly praised tinted balm, to the 99 cent, generic variety found register side at the local drug store. It’s safe to say there’s not a lip product I won’t tinker with.

So on a recent shopping trip to Whole Foods when I came across a brand called Nanak’s Lip Smoothee for $2.50 and smelled the enticingly sweet aroma of almond and coconut, I simply couldn’t resist. It was only later that my sister reminded me we had used the brand as children and loved it even then. The texture, though slightly waxy, applies evenly and smoothly over my lips, and leaves no annoying stickiness. It’s long lasting and even after eating a meal I can smack my lips together and still feel remnants of the moisture—love that! Natural ingredients like apricot oil, beeswax and aloe vera soothe and hydrate even the most sensitive lips, and most importantly (as I recently learned when wearing only Vaseline on my lips in the sun all day), it boasts SPF 10, a must for me in a balm of any price.

Like Alexander the Great conquering great swathes of Eurasia in pursuit of the perfect empire, so goes my pursuit for lip balm perfection. I may never accumulate enough lip balms in my personal beauty empire, but like poor Alex, I will certainly die trying.

Find Nanak’s Lip Smoothees at Whole Foods or online at I recommend the almond scent.

Photo by Leslie Patrick.