Eco Beauty Buzz: The Ginger People

Is there anything as invigorating as fresh ginger? My must-have beverage, year round, is hot water poured over freshly chopped and peeled ginger, with a squeeze of lemon and dollop of organic, raw honey. Ginger is a warming spice that stimulates circulation and energizes the body and skin. This in mind, I was thrilled to learn about GO Skin Care, the new beauty line from The Ginger People, a Marina, Calif.-based company that specializes—you guessed it—in all things ginger. The company is worth supporting, as it hits all of the eco-beauty marks, including organic, cruelty-free, and non-toxic ingredients and sustainably made and packaged products.

I recently tested out the entire line—cleanser, moisturizer, serum, eye cream and balm—over the course of several weeks. There were winners and some that didn’t quite work for me. As someone with non-acne prone skin, I was surprised and disappointed to find that, in several separate trials, my face broke out within a day of using the face serum or moisturizer. (Which isn’t to say they won’t be a great fit for someone else.) The cleanser is effective and energizing, but the victors, for my skin, at least, are the eye serum and the balm. The eye cream is gentle, easily absorbed, tightening and revitalizing. The balm has proven a handy, much-needed soother for my dry hands and arms. It’s thick and gooey, so my preferred way to use it is to slather it on before bedtime to allow for maximum treatment. Find out more at