Get A Rope

The nautical theme is still on the breeze this spring, but instead of donning your tired old striped tee, why not opt for an of-the-moment rope statement necklace? It offers the same nautical feel, but with a fresh and unexpected twist.

I’ve lately seen these woven wonders everywhere from Anthropologie to For the Makers, and I’m charmed by the nonchalant yet eye catching look. The more elegant batch offers a medley of beads and tassels to gussy up the simple strand, while the casual end of the spectrum offers style simply in the form of cool knots.

Crafty types can put long forgotten Girl Scout skills to use by checking out this cool rope necklace design, while those who prefer to forego DIY can purchase a finished product like the Peoria Ceramic Necklace from Anthropologie for that I-just-sailed-around-the-Greek-isles-on-my-yacht look. 

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