Green With Envy

You’ve probably heard by now that emerald has been deemed Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2013. The fashion world promptly responded and there’s been a flurry of vibrant emerald skirts, dresses, blazers, belts, shoelaces, and more. But, what if you took it a step further? What if you dared to go emerald from head to toe?

If you’ve opened a magazine lately, no doubt you’ve seen this ad from Banana Republic.

The ad campaign is a collaboration between Banana Republic and which launched around Valentine’s Day (hence the paper heart). I’ll tell you one thing, they won my heart. I was smitten! Every time I came across that pretty picture I’d have to let out a (dramatic) sigh, “Oh to be so chic yet so casual, so emerald." 

Despite that I loved the look, I didn’t think I’d actually buy it. Purchasing a complete outfit from a magazine? That’s something I do in my dream life.

Well, I guess all my dreams are coming true. A friend of mine who works for Banana Republic heard me pining over it and was so psyched that I loved it that she went through the trouble of getting it for me! The “column of color” (as she so fondly calls it) is now mine!

I love it. I adore it. Okay, I don’t look quite like the model, but I can say I’ve never felt so put together! Wearing all of one color truly feels like a real power move, like a statement of confidence. Plus, now I don’t have to worry about what to wear for St. Patrick’s Day.