Eco-Fashion Buzz: The Search for Green Panties

I’m underwhelmed by organic undies. They are the bane of my eco-conscious wardrobe.

Sure, there are some out there if you look, but more often than not they are large, unattractive fits and come in one color: bland beige-ish white, a color that makes me think of the drab underthings once donned by our forefathers. Or burlap sacks. They are never soft enough or stretchy enough. This is 2013: why are eco-friendly underwear still so unexciting and uncomfortable? So boringly modest? Where are the colors, the detail, the patterns? (Don’t even get me started on bras.) Just because I am a tree-hugger at heart and in practice, doesn’t mean I want my underpants to look like I bought them in the household items aisle at a crunchy food co-op.

Here are the best bets I’ve found so far, although I’m still left wanting. American Apparel offers two organic options for underpants, as far as I can see: a skimpy organic thong that doesn’t look too uncomfortable and unisex ribbed briefs that just look so … bulky. Not my style, but at least these are inexpensive (they’re under $10 while most other organic underwear are at least $18 a pop).

The “Organic Cotton Hipster Panty” from yoga brand Gaiam looks promising, and even comes in black (finally—a color worth wearing!). But I’m most optimistic about the styles from PACT, a San Francisco-based company that uses 95 percent organic cotton and 5 percent elastane to give their underwear the right amount of stretchiness. In addition to sounding more comfy, PACT undies come in fun patterns and designs. (See photo.)

If you’ve come across earth-friendly panties that are worth trying, leave a comment below and let us know.