Sandal Season: Volume 1—The Neutrals


Sandal Season vol.1: the neutrals


Sandal season is probably my favorite time of year. Although it's fun to shop for boots come Fall, I relish the feeling of free toes. So when the weather warms up, so does my hunt for something new to adorn my feet. My first must-have is the workhorse of my wardrobe: I always purchase a pair of flat, gold sandals. The color fits every occasion from the beach to the city streets, and the flat heel makes them great for walking. They also convey a casual elegance that high heels just can't achieve. Nothing says chic more than a bit of shine flirting out from underneath your palazzo pants, maxi dress or skirt. With short hemlines and bathing suits, a heel might be perceived as a bit vulgar, but the flat sandal saves the day. Here are a few of my favorite neutral flat sandals to kick off the season.