Swimwear Season


 2013 Swim Trends

Ready or not, summer is on its way and there's nothing we can do to stop it. I always welcome this new season with mixed emotions. During the winter, I dream of days soaking up the sun on the lake and sinking my toes into the warm sand. When the hot weather actually arrives, I instantly realize it means one thing, swimsuit season. I must admit that I don't particularly enjoy being in a swimsuit. However, my love for fashion and all things cute takes over when I see the amazing new swim styles in stores.

Here’s the good news: skimpy bikinis are not the only option anymore.  I love the chic one pieces and high waisted suits this year. If you just had a baby or are a tad bit self-conscious of your mid-section, these looks are the perfect choice. When it comes to buying swimwear, my No. 1 rule is to ignore the size, get what fits you best. No one can see the tag so make sure the bottoms sit nicely on your hips and the top gives you the proper support, even if this means sizing up.

I am obsessed with the fabulous swimwear that retailers are showing for summer; trends from the runways are translating into some gorgeous suits. There is a huge '60s influence from color blocking and floral to high waisted suits. I fully intend on adding at least a few of these great pieces to my collection this year.