Channeling the '20s: Inspiration from The Great Gatsby

I’m one of those annoying bibliophiles who points out everything that’s “wrong” in the movie adaptation of a book. I make an effort to rein that habit in, but usually wind up making a mental list comparing the screen to the page. But when Baz Luhrmann’s version of "The Great Gatsby" hits theaters on May 10, it’s safe to say I’ll be thoroughly distracted from relating it to F. Scott Fitzgerald by the visual feast the film is sure to be. Although my hair is, unfortunately, best suited to the 1980s, I like to think of the 1920s as my “style decade”—the era that revs up my fashion engine and makes me utterly envious that I wasn’t there. It was a liberating time for the female wardrobe: women burst out of their puritan garb, started showing some skin, chopping off their hair, and shaking it on the dance floor. The dresses were slinky and loose, beaded and tasseled, colorful and in prints. Ornate hairpieces, elegant jewelry, cloche hats, sophisticated gloves—it all came together in a marvel of exciting glamour. Based on the film’s trailers and these incredible photos of star Carey Mulligan in this month’s Vogue, there is endless jazzed-up '20s style to satisfy the fashion-minded viewer. Now, who wants to don '20s-inspired attire (don’t have a cloche hat? Don’t worry, I have extras), sip some champagne cocktails, and head to the theater?

Photos of Carey Mulligan from; photo (1920s.jpg) of 1920s clothes from Swirling Away Everyday.