Ethical Swimwear

 Ethically Made Swimwear

I wanted to write a blog post about my favorite swimwear of the year; however, every time I found a swimsuit I liked online I couldn’t help but wonder, “Was it ethically made?”

The recent Bangladesh tragedy has brought awareness to this issue and peeled back the façade that shields us from knowing and understanding exactly how our clothes are produced. 

The next time you shop, take a moment to think about where your clothing may have come from and at what cost. Vote with your wallet and choose clothing that is made without exploiting people. This may mean buying items made in developed countries like the U.S. that have laws in place to protect employees. It may also mean buying from designers that you know source ethically, or make purchases from companies that work for a cause (think TOMS shoes).

This summer feel good about your swimsuit purchases and chose ones that you know are ethically produced (see above swimwear). If you know of additional companies producing fashionable, ethical swimwear, please share.