Freshen Up

“You look so refreshed!”

No, I wasn’t sleeping more, eating better, or working out regularly. I definitely didn’t just come back from vacation. What I did do was start using the full Amarté skin care line. From the first time I tested out the products, I immediately noticed a difference—my skin felt softer.

I started out my daily routine with their Daily ExfoliPowder. Personally, I love a good exfoliating scrub, and this one hits the mark—it’s gentle enough for daily use but strong enough to get rid of dry skin. After that, I applied their Wonder Cream and then the Natural Finish BB Cream. I love BB creams, and this one was a great color match for my skin tone (it comes in light tint and natural tint). Unfortunately, I was less than stoked on the amount of coverage it provided, though I understand this may be a bonus for some people.  At the end of the day, I washed my face with the Daily Wonder Cleansing Foam and re-applied the Wonder Cream. The cleansing foam did a great job of getting off all my eye make-up, which is always a nice time saver.

Overall, I would give Amarté products a B+. I think if you already have really good skin to start, Amarté will bring out the best and leave your skin hydrated, smooth, and glowing. Amarté’s slogan is “love yourself, love your skin." Unfortunately for me, I have sensitive skin and loving it may take more than just using Amarté. Don’t get me wrong—I will still continue to use the products of theirs that I have, but I will mix them into a skin care routine with other products as well. Hey, all’s fair in love and skincare.