We're Off to See The Wizard

The Penny Rose team gathered this weekend at the home of Laamie Young of Blank Verse Jewelry up in the Santa Cruz mountains. There, Photographer Nick Chao teamed up with Producer/Creative Director Christa Martin to shoot an Oz inspired summer fashion project that will debut on The Penny Rose in late May. We brought in five models and a team of eight crew members to execute what will be our biggest and most wicked shoot yet. Our crew: Fashion Stylist Missy Schnaps, Hair Stylist Ginger Vaughn, Makeup Artist Anna Wu, Fashion Designer/Wardrobe Supervisor Sally Esposito, Filmmaker and Set Designer Deva Blaisdell-Anderson, Production Manager Gina Peters, Jewelry Designer and host Laamie Young, Set Designer Mama-T, and our beautiful models, Desiree Amariei, Matt Struthers, Jose Estevez, Coco Barrett-Tormey, and Anna Wu

Special thanks to Cameron Marks, Stripe, Jade, and Wallflower for loaning us clothes, and to Missy Schnaps for sharing her wardrobe with us. And special thanks to Laamie Young of Blank Verse Jewelry for hosting our team and providing a sweet lunch for the crew. 

Look for the gorgeous photo spread and accompanying editorial during the last week of May on The Penny Rose.