Like Butter

You know the phrase, “like butter”? It means something works so smoothly and is so easy it’s like, well, melted butter. I recently came across something that fit that description. butter LONDON nail polish. It was truly the smoothest nail polish I’ve ever used and the results of painting my own nails were so smooth, shiny and error free, I was shocked. Usually I go for OPI, Essie, Revlon, or whatever else happens to be at the drug store. However, recently I was in the market for something a bit more natural without harsh chemicals, yet still with plenty of color options and I was not impressed by the selection at Whole Foods.

Then I remembered butter LONDON is a carcinogen-free nail polish that comes in a wide range of colors that are fashion-oriented and fresh each season. While not the most inexpensive option at $15 a bottle, I decided my health was worth it. I purchased the "tops and tails," which is the base and top-coat. These worked wonderfully by making the color go on smoothly and the finished result shiny. For color, I went with "blowing rasberries," a reddish hue with a tinge of pink that is a classic, easy-to-wear color. Definitely a winner! Now, I’m longingly looking at all the cool shades that are listed on their website and dreaming of my next purchase. I think next I might go with "Cake Hole," a neon pink, "Yummy Mummy," a taupey neutral or maybe "Union Jack Black," a MET Gala punkish black color. There are so many to choose from. What I do know is that the next time I need to purchase a nail polish, the decision of which brand to choose will be like butter.