To The Max


To the Max
Inspired by my Q&A for The Penny Rose, I started dreaming of actually going on vacation. And as much as I love my jeans, I love, if not equally, dresses. Mostly I love how easy they are! Throw on some jewelry and a great pair of sandals and done. Life couldn't be simpler and who wants to be stressing about their wardrobe especially in the spring and summer months? You want to be out in the world enjoying life. So here is one of my favorite warm weather staples: a maxi dress in either black or white might be considered boring or safe by some, but I think of it as a blank canvas for your wildest imagination. You can pile on the accessories or go minimalist. Modern or ethnic inspired, there's no wrong answer. These dresses are interchangeable and the perfect beach cover up that segues effortlessly to after beach dinner or drinks. Tried and true or trying something new, the only thing left to do is slip one on and head out the door.