Why I Always Choose Gel Manicures

Gorgeous nails spotted at Karen Walker for Spring 2013.

I’ve recently been getting asked a lot why I choose gel manicures over traditional ones. For those of you are unsure what gel manicures are, they are a type of manicure that uses colored gel in place of traditional nail polish. The nail bed is first cleaned with alcohol (helps the nail dry and gel adhere better) and then two thin coasts of colored gel polish are applied.  Each coat is cured with a UV dryer. There are various gel brands you can choose from at the salon and purchase for in-home use. Shellac is the most popular brand found in salons and combines a gel manicure with a regular polish (the UV dryer in-between coats extends the life of the manicure).

Here is why I always choose gel or Shellac manicures anytime I get my nails done:

  1. They dry superfast. The total process takes 15 minutes and at the end your nails are perfectly dry. For clumsy gals like myself, this is a godsend for smudge proof nails.
  2. They last for weeks. Literally. Your nails won’t chip for two to three weeks. Need I say more?
  3. The extra cost is worth it. A regular manicure costs $12-$15. A Shellac manicure costs $25-30. A regular manicure lasts chip-free for about two to three days. Yes, I will pay an extra $10 for two to three weeks.
  4. Your nails look like candy. Seriously, they’re so shiny and glossy you just wanna eat 'em.

Some tips:

  1. To keep your manicures looking fantastic and your nails healthy, use cuticle oil regularly. This prevents your nails from drying out.
  2. You can remove the polish at home. Simply dab a ball of cotton into acetone, place on nail, wrap in tin foil, and let sit for 10 minutes.

One thing to note, don’t expect your nails to be long and thick when the polish is removed. They will just be short and … well ... fine. No worries, slap on some clear polish and then when you’re ready, get another gel manicure!