Q&A with Elizabeth Limbach: Eco-Beauty Editor

As the eco-beauty editor at The Penny Rose, Elizabeth Limbach brings a smart approach to the "green" side of beauty. Twice a month she blogs about products that she's loving, news in the eco-beauty and eco-fashion worlds, and offers up DIY tricks to save money and be conscious of the global impact of our beauty routines. The 26-year-old is also a professional journalist and newspaper editor. We caught up with her recently for some insight into the best eco-beauty trends of the moment.

How would you describe your personal style?

Feminine, bohemian, earthy, comfortable, sometimes quirky, and environmentally minded.

What’s your favorite brand of denim?

Recycled. My favorite jeans are hand-me-downs from friends, but stores like Crossroads Trading Co. have a great selection of gently used denim. Aside from being eco-friendly, lightly used jeans are broken in nicely.

What fashion designer (or beauty brand) are you eyeing right now?

AmyKathryn bags recently caught my eye, and as of late I’m a big fan of the basic organic tees from Threads for Thought. As for beauty products, I’m itching to invest in some organic skincare products from Sequoia Beauty, which uses natural flowers and herbs and is said to work wonders.

What’s your favorite skin care item?

Naturopathica’s Lavender Protective Moisturizer SPF 17. This is an eco-beauty dream product: all natural, with zinc oxide to protect the skin from the sun and turmeric root to reduce redness.

If money were no object, what spa or beauty treatment/service would you be addicted to?

Massage, hot tub/sauna sessions, and manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), a massage-like lymphatic stimulant that improves circulation and the immune system and is great for the skin.

On occasions when you need to get ready in a rush, what is your quick ‘n’ easy beauty routine?

My usual: a swipe of jane iredale loose powder, a spritz of rose water to blend it, a touch of natural mascara and some tinted natural lip balm. 

What is the most unusual or surprising beauty product in your arsenal?

Baking soda. It’s a powerful yet gentle facial exfoliant, and great for teeth whitening when paired with mashed strawberries. 

What beauty products would we find in your purse?

PeaceKeeper’s lipstick in Paint Me Healed, a jane iredale compact, Burt’s Bee’s Res-Q Ointment, Inesscents’ Jasmine Sandalwood roll-on oil perfume and Chocolate Mint Lip Balm from Organic Indulgence.

Lip gloss or lip balm?

Natural lip balm.

Heels or flats?

Boots—heeled or flat!