Meet Anna Wu: Blogger/Makeup Artist/Salon Owner

As a writer and makeup artist at The Penny Rose, Anna Wu is the type of person who brightens everyone's day. She's an avid skincare junkie and knows her way through Sephora like it's a candy store. This 25-year-old also owns Faust Salon & Spa in Scotts Valley, Calif. With her deep knowledge about makeup and skin, as well as her vibrant personal style, I wanted readers to get to know this woman of many faces.

How would you describe your personal style? 
It's constantly changing depending on what or who I am currently inspired by. But I like to stick to well-made basics (mostly black) and accessorize with bold hair, jewelry, and shoes.

What’s your favorite brand of denim? 
J Brand.

What fashion designer (or beauty brand) are you eyeing right now? 
For daily basics, I love Alexander Wang, Reformation, and Isabel Marant clothing. I love clean lines and silhouettes.

What’s your favorite skin care item? 
My favorite skincare item of the moment is Jan Marini's Regeneration Booster. I'm a complete sucker for products so it's pretty hard to choose just one. It acts as a serum and moisturizer and prevents break outs from occurring while fighting signs of aging with insane technology. I'm also not very patient when it comes to skincare. I like to see immediate results, so this product won me over after just one application. 

What fashion tip would you give to someone for the upcoming season? 
Test out new outfits while grocery shopping, or running a quick errand. It's a great way to test out how it makes you feel, how others react to what you're wearing, as well as if it's comfortable.

If money were no object, what spa or beauty treatment/service would you be addicted to? 
Maybe those crazy body wraps that are supposed to pull toxins out of your body, while also rehydrating you and slimming you down. I've never tried it, but if it actually does all of those things at once, that would be amazing! 

On occasions where you need to get ready in a rush, what is your quick ‘n’ easy beauty routine? 
I always fill in my eyebrows and curl my lashes. 

What is the most unusual or surprising beauty product in your arsenal? 
I always have my Epicuren Colostrum Mist on hand. It's great to mist on at the beginning and end of a makeup service. 

What beauty products would we find in your purse? 
Oribe's Dry Texturixing Spray, Shu Uemura's gold lash curler, and a lip product of some sort.

You’re traveling, and can only bring one bag: what favorite beauty/fashion items stay home, and what must go with? 
My Alexander Wang Kori boots, black J Brand jeans,  my leather Veda vest, and a few loose fitting shirts in black and white. The crazy heels stay home because they're too hard to pack. With hair and skincare, I like to pack tons of samples of whatever we have in stock at Faust. I always pack my Precleanse and Daily Microfoliant (from Dermalogica), as well as the Skin Hydrating Booster to help tackle whatever weird dry skin patches that seem to always arise from being on a plane.

Mani or pedi? 

Lip gloss or lip balm? 

Heels or flats?