Travel In Style


Travel outfits

After many years of air travel, I think I have my travel outfit down. You want to look chic, but ultimately, comfort is the main key, especially if the travel involves any kind of overnight or long plane experience. While this will, of course, vary, based on your own travel needs, here is what works for me.

I’ve narrowed it down to two variations on the same theme, depending on if I’m travelling to a city or to a more laid back destination. The main elements remain the same, but a few accessory changes make all the difference. Let’s start with the basics. Comfortable pants, like these “sweats” (above) from J.Crew are a perfectly acceptable alternative to jeans, and won’t leave you looking slovenly upon arrival. They will, however, keep you comfortable and able to contort yourself into the most comfy position for the flight. Quite a feat! A tank with a denim button up will pull the look together a bit, but won’t wrinkle terribly and can go with whatever you’ve packed for the trip. A large colorful scarf is a definite must to protect against drastic temperature changes and the inevitable germs that always seem to be floating around on planes. A blanket tucked into a big carry-all bag also helps to make the travel experience a little cozier. Shoes and a hat are where the difference really comes in—wear boots or simple shoes, and, of course, a hat, in case you arrive and your hair is not looking quite up to par. And lastly, a watch, to make sure you don’t miss your flight!

If you see me at the airport in the next few weeks, I’ll be wearing the more relaxed version of this travel look and hoping that I look pulled together enough for an upgrade!