Fair on a Sunny Day


Here Comes the Sun


Summer in a West Coast beach town is an adjustment for me. My skin is so pale that the sun nearly reflects off of it. Growing up in Virginia, about two hours from the coast, my childhood beach ritual usually included a hat, a T-shirt worn at all times and blue zinc war paint across my nose. But somehow, I’d still get burned.  

After years of failed attempts with self tanners, (they all smell strange), SPF 12 carrot tanning oil to increase bronzing potential, and fooling myself into believing that I wouldn’t get burned in only 15 minutes, I’ve grown to accept my pallor. Despite shocked looks and comments about how my new nude-colored Melissa wedges would look better with a touch of sun, I’d rather just keep the damage, wrinkles and cancer at bay in hopes of ending up one totally hot grandma.

Nowadays, feeling healthy, stylish, and protected are what is most important. Polished and funky hat options are necessary to cover a variety of summer outdoor experiences. On the beach, you’ll find me in fun shades and slathered head-to-toe in nothing less than SPF 50. The collection above illustrates my top choices for a lovely day in the sun minus those harmful rays.