Introducing The Beauty Blender

Undoubtedly, this is a peculiar looking beauty tool. But it's worth the odd stares and the $19 price tag. Professional makeup artists have been using the Beauty Blender for a while, and more recently, the general public has caught on. With a recent Sephora gift card in hand, I decided to plunk down some money for this expensive makeup sponge. It's just about the size of an egg (and is shaped like one).

Here's how to use it: dunk it in some water, squeeze it out, then dot some makeup (I use liquid foundation) on your hand. Dip the Beauty Blender in it, then dab on your face (don't swipe it around). Use a spackling kind of motion. Seconds later, and your entire face is done. In the few short weeks since I purchased my Beauty Blender, I've been blown away by the results: smooth skin, even coverage, no flakes, and a silky texture. Now, if only I had a makeup artist to tend to the rest of my features!