Fashion First Aid

 Quick fix kit

Do you have multiple weddings to attend this summer? Start a wardrobe malfunction kit with these items and you’ll be one of the most sought after guests. Top stick, safety pins and a box of tissues were the miracle concoction that enabled a size 24 dress to work on my friend’s grandmother who had lost 30 lbs since her fitting. Multicolored Sharpies are great for scuffs and nicks on shoes and purses. Heavy duty thread is invaluable if a shoe strap comes loose or your uncle pops the button on his favorite sport jacket. If you haven’t gotten into dry shampoo yet, you are pretty much missing out on the best second or third day hair ever. Heel grips, ball of foot pads, and perhaps a bit of moleskin will keep you on the dance floor into the wee hours. The moment you step up with Tide to Go after a glass of red wine hits those freshly pressed linens, and splashes on your friend's handsome older brother, your fashion emergency kit will become priceless.