5 Trends You Think You Can't Pull Off—But Actually Can

Do wear dark denim high-waisted jeans (left). Don't wear ill-fitting mom jeans (right).

New colors, new designs, new textures—the influx of new fashion trends can be overwhelming, intimidating, even downright ugly.

But, let’s take a moment to be adventurous, shall we? Let’s move from “I could never wear that” to “wow, that might actually work for me."

I present you with the do's and dont's of this summer’s trends (left photos are do, right photos are don't you dare!).

1. High-waisted jeans (above): Stop thinking of them as mom jeans. Today’s modern high-waisted jeans can be anything but that. They give you a small waist, curvy butt, and make your legs go on for days (what more could you want?). Look for dark blue or black denim with interesting details on the front, like sailor style buttons. For the derriere, look for pockets that are larger and lower so as to accentuate rather than give you a perma-wedge. A wide leg or flare fit balances you out and is a good step for beginners just trying out high-waisted jeans. 

2. Cut out dresses: We all know cut-out dresses are damn sexy—on 19-year-olds. I struggled with making this trend feel age-appropriate. To accomplish this, look for subtle, smaller cut-outs in flattering places, such as around the neckline or at the hem of a dress. Also keep an eye out for an interesting detailed laser cut back.

This Do dress on the left is flattering, while the Don't on the right just doesn't work.

3. Bralettes: OK, I’m biased cause I love bralettes. Pair your bralette with a longer (above or just past the knees) high-waisted skirt (fitted or flared). You only want to show the tiniest strip of skin on your rib cage. Another tip? Look for matching patterns on the top and bottom. 

On the left, a Do, on the right, a Don't.

4. Neon colors: Neon just won’t quit. I like to enjoy my neon in small doses—like a brightly colored belt over a muted dress, bold heels with jeans and a casual tank, or a splash of neon around the hem of a dress. Too much neon and you’ve gone straight back to the '80s. Maybe that's not a bad thing?

 Keep neon simple with this Do on the left. Don't overwhelm the look, as seen here on the right.

5. Jumpsuits: They're a pain when you have to go to the bathroom, but otherwise they can be super cute. Find one that is comfortable! You do not want constant camel toe/wedgie. I think the trick here is to keep crazy prints to a minimum. If you’re going for a jumpsuit with long pants, choose one in a solid color (black is always the safest bet) that is silky and flowy through the legs and opt for details on top. Fitted or skinny pant legs will be harder to pull off (have a good pair of heels ready). If you’re looking for a jumpsuit with shorts, feel free to get a little crazy with your print choice and make sure you find a good fit.

Keep a jumpsuit classy with the Do on the left. Steer clear of wild print overload like this Don't on the right.

See? That wasn’t so bad. Learning a few tricks of the trend can make a world of difference. And remember, “Don’t hate the trend, hate the execution of it."