Pass the Honey

My skin goes through annoying phases—for a while, it will be smooth and clear, and then the side effects of my retinol product take over, and flaky patches appear. It's an unfortunate cycle that I can't ever seem to beat. Not even my best exfoliator and moisturizer routine can seem to fix it.

So, recently, I decided to try something entirely new, organic, and cheap—slather my face with raw honey from Trader Joe's. I've read dozens of articles and studies on the myriad benefits of using raw honey as a face mask: people claim it tightens the facial skin, exfoliates dead skin cells, moisturizes like nothing else, helps prevent acne, and so forth.

Willing to give it a shot, I purchased the honey found in the image above and tried it as a face mask for a few nights. I kept my face moist and rubbed as much honey as I could all over, then distracted myself for 15 minutes, came back, washed it off, added my normal night cream, and went to sleep. In the morning: no redness, no flakes, just smooth skin. I'm sold!