The Jumpsuit


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Often by this point in the season, I find myself getting bored with my summer wardrobe. During the winter I can layer on scarves, jackets, and hats to change up my pieces, making them look different. But, once summer arrives, it’s too hot to wear more than one item at a time so, my creating versatility in my closet becomes a challenge. That’s why I love the jumpsuit trend this summer; it’s a fresh look and a great alternative to the classic sundress. The new silhouettes are nothing like they looked in the '80s and I have found them extremely flattering. My favorite jumpsuits have a tapered skinny leg and are fitted at the smallest part of the waist which makes any girl look like they have an hourglass figure. This is the perfect trend for a date night or special occasion and the best part is, they feel like you are wearing pajamas! How can you go wrong? Take a break from your favorite sundress and slip into a jumpsuit for a quick change-up this summer.