Fall 2013 Couture

I know that summer has only just begun and we still have many more months ahead, but the fall 2013 couture shows have started! Now, I’m already looking forward to fall and all the fashion goodness that comes with it. Valentino’s fall 2013 couture collection is especially wondrous and inspiring. Not that these clothes are wearable for everyday, nor are they anywhere near affordable (for my budget at least), but they are so gorgeous and dreamy that they inspire my imagination.

The collection was based on the “wunderkammer” idea, which was a 17th  and 18th century fascination the very (very) wealthy had with cabinets of curiosity, in which they collected rare and precious items such as shells, jewels, taxidermy and oddities. Inspiring, indeed. The embellishments seen throughout the collection give reference to this idea. However, what’s interesting (and lets face it, more wearable) is the variety of simple yet elegant sheaths, coats and separates that reference this idea of luxury.

The more sedate and plain looks might be a way of referencing the display in a more obscure way. The outside “cabinet” not revealing the luxurious wonders kept inside? Just a thought, but that is the point of this fabulous collection. 

Since I won’t be able to run out and actually purchase any of these looks, I’m taking mental notes of the tweed skirts and jackets, simple dresses and plaids with embellishments and the camel, black, smoky grey and jewel-ish reds, blues and yellow schemes. If a girl can’t be part of the “wunderkammer” collectors of the modern age, at least now with the power of the Internet, she can see these wonders in the form of Valentino.

Images found at Vogue.com.