Stealing His Pants


Wear His Pants

Sometimes a trend comes along and when it first appears on the scene you think to yourself, I may have to sit this one out. After noticing many different versions of that same trend and feeling popularity grow from a murmur to a dull roar, often I must reevaluate my decision and decide that I can’t miss out. This was the case when skinny jeans first came around and now it has been the case with boyfriend jeans.

For many people, their denim is a bit of a security blanket. All women know the difficulties of finding a pair that fits just right and when you finally do, it’s not always easy to let go. But, when done correctly, the boyfriend jean is something that is certainly worth introducing into your rotation. If you are going to go for it and decide to actually steal your man’s pants, remember that if your behind disappears in the relaxed aspect of the fit, this pair is not meant to be.

Ideally, the boyfriend jean will not be tight on your bum, but the crotch is cut shallow enough and the hips fit snug enough that your curves aren’t lost. Hips and ankles remind the world that you may be wearing boy’s pants, but you’re still a girl.

If you like your stomach, opt for a fit that hits low on your hips maybe even hearkening back to Gwen Stefani in her No Doubt days with a peek of skin. Most versions of the boyfriend jean are at their best when cuffed or cropped at the thinnest part of your ankle or even a few inches higher.

Even though it comes in myriad incarnations, I prefer a darker, more uniform wash, with slight natural fading on the thigh and understated distressing. You are already adding bulk through the relaxed fit, so the darker color allows the eye to travel freely up and down the leg, which slims and elongates. For best results, pair with a bit of a heel either in the form of an ankle boot or something sleek and sexy.