Fall Favorites: Inspired by the 1920s


20's inspired Fall Favs for 2013

Each time the seasons change we are reminded just how quickly time passes. The alluring warm weather and treasured time off in summer enables May to melt smoothly into August. Even though Fall is traditionally a time when blossoms wilt and leaves drop, the act of nature letting go of its once beautiful adornments clears the way for new fresh and vibrant regeneration when December will inevitably fade into March. Since I can’t stop time and hang on to the summer, I’d like to visit the past to illustrate a few of my favorite things about the new season approaching.

Slip dresses with their loose shapes, yet curve-catching fabrications are the perfect definition of the word "coy." In the 1920s, women celebrated social progress and liberation with the rise of the hemline, and I can’t think of a better accessory to complement a lovely slip dress than over the knee socks.

A few posts ago on my fall RTW favorites, I mentioned cocoon coats, which look stunning over a simple slip dress, but if it’s not quite cold enough, opt for an oversized robe-like sweater. Turbin headbands or a cloche hat is fabulous for masking bad hair days, keeping your ears warm, or just looking completely put together.

What is Fall without great boots? I particularly like these cutout ankle versions.

The quintessential finishing touch is a long, gorgeous handmade necklace like those from Marisa Haskell who will just happen be in Santa Cruz for a pop up store on Sept. 14 at the Cameron Marks Indian Summer Party.

So, if you are like me, and would love to hold on to summer for just a bit longer, come by 402 Ingalls Street in Santa Cruz after 6 p.m. for a night of barefoot dancing, delicious local food, drink and sneak peeks at collections from Deus, !iTEM, and Capital.

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