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An original iPhone case designed by our blogger, Sarah York, who took one of her textile designs and turned it into this (above).

The iphone (or smartphone of choice) case. A somewhat new accessory, but quickly becoming, or perhaps is already, a fashion statement that needs to be considered. I recently read that the phone case is becoming the statement accessory piece, much like a statement or signature bag used to be. The nice thing about a phone case is that it is much cheaper and there are infinitely more options that range from plain and sleek to patterned, textured and bejeweled. It is also an accessory that doesn’t have to match anything really, so you can have fun and let your fancy run wild. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites, but there were many more that I could have chosen. Also, there are options that let you create your own, like Casetagram (, where I recently turned one of my pattern designs (above) into an iphone case. Let your imagination run wild, or find a pre-made case that makes you smile every time you reach for your phone, which in this day and age, is a lot. 


Iphone cases