10 Ultra-Luxe Items for Everyday Wear



What’s the first thing you do when you get home from work? Change out of your clothes, right? And what do you change into? Crappy sweat pants and an old T-shirt (which you then proceed to wear every day after work until they are screaming for the laundry)?  

We spend so much money and time putting ourselves together for the outside world. I think it’s time we start investing in ourselves for the inside world—in our homes. 

Coming home and slipping into a colorful kimono, a pima cotton maxi dress, or a pair of cashmere pants gives your evening a whole new feeling. You are comfortable, chic, and worth it—and you don’t need the whole world to see it to know it.

I once heard a quote that went something along the lines of this: "True luxury is wearing mink on the inside."

While I am not a supporter of fur in fashion, I am a supporter of true luxury. I’m talking about the kind of luxury that focuses on benefiting you, not showing off your wealth to the world.

And honestly, what’s more luxurious than wearing cashmere pants at home?