Eco-Friendly Fall Fashion

In the midst of the fall fashion onslaught, don’t overlook the bounteous eco-friendly options at hand these days. Assembling a stylish fall wardrobe from green and sustainable options is not only possible, it’s easy and enviable. Here’s a taste of eco-friendly fall fashion to whet your appetite. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for Eco Fashion Week, which takes place Oct. 6-10 in Vancouver.

First image. Top left: Trench Coat Rock from Synergy Organic Clothing, $141. Top middle: Meadowed Vee Ribbed Dress, made from a bamboo/cotton blend by Stacia, $215. Top right: Brighton tunic from EcoSkin, $95. Second image. Top: Adrianne Shoe from Portugal-based vegan brand Novacas, $149.95. Iris Emerald small messenger bag by AmyKathryn, $49. Squash Infinity Scarf, made in Los Angeles with certified organic cotton by KCA for Fashioning Change, $19.98.