To The Point

Every few years it is a good practice to take a hard look at your wardrobe. What do you love, what do you hate, and what is not appropriate for you anymore? This last question is one that I have asked myself more often as I am nearing my 30th birthday.

There are several pairs of shoes in my closet that desperately need to be purged in favor of a few more adult looks. The sky high heels and platforms were fun to purchase but they are just no longer practical (and a little young for me). I have lots of inexpensive shoes but these tend to be uncomfortable and so they don’t get much wear. The ones that I’ve spent a little more on get considerably more use.

As I count the days till my 30th, I’m craving a chic black pointed pump, preferably patent leather. Focusing on a well-made pair will ensure that I can wear these for years to come. I’ve decided that a new pair of shoes will make turning the big 3-0 a little easier!