Beauty Review: Herb Tea for Clear Skin

I am typically very anti-hippie when it comes to my beauty regimen. This skin-clearing tea by The Republic of Tea, however, piqued my interest. Bloggers recommended it, it has received rave reviews, and there were even scientific-looking studies to back up the potency of rooibos, its active ingredient.

So when a jury duty summons with my name on it appeared a few weeks ago, the timing seemed perfect. Stress-induced zits are a very real (first world) problem. So I picked up a can of The Republic of Tea’s Get Gorgeous tea, painted my nails a mesmerizing shade of lilac with Lime Crime’s nail lacquer in Lavendairy, and got to sipping.

Rooibos, an herb from South Africa, has incredibly powerful antioxidant properties. It is said to bolster the immune system, reduce inflammation, and fight free radicals. Basically, it’s like the Kate Moss of teas—it does everything, and has been doing it for a really long time. Thanks to those superpowers, it’s supposed to be fantastic at clearing up troubled skin.

I started off by drinking a cup of it each night before bed. After five days, I saw no difference. Then I took the time to actually read the label and found that you’re supposed to drink a whopping four cups per day. Determined to get rid of the underground pimple on my chin before it reared its ugly head, I did just that. When I woke up the next morning, said wretched pimple was significantly smaller and less angry than it had been the night before.

I was elated. I was less so when I discovered that if you slack even an itty bit on your rooibos-imbibing regimen, your skin will return to its previous state in 12 hours flat. I tried to be diligent, but in the end I found that drinking four cups of tea per day, in addition to water and other drinks, was simply too much. It’s significantly less time-consuming for me to use a spot treatment at night and cover any remaining blemishes up during the day with my favorite foundation (MAC’s Matchmaster Foundation in 1).

In the end, the effectiveness of this tea depends on your willingness to commit to it. This is true with any beauty regimen (remembering to wear sunscreen every day, for example), but it feels different when it’s something you have to prepare and consume. If you’re bent on clearing your skin using natural methods, and also have an addiction to herbal tea, then you (and your skin) will probably love this product. If you’re more like me, though, you’ll probably be better off sticking with topical creams and cleansers.