Sarah Lesher: Jill of all Trades

Sarah Lesher in her workspace in Arcata, Calif. Photo: Michael Kahan.

I first discoverd and became a fan of Sarah Lesher's work at an art show in 2011 at Stripe, a Santa Cruz boutique. Lesher's industrial/urban prints were eye-catching. This led to a friendship through which I've seen her morph from a printmaker and artist into a fashion designer whose illustration and pattern work focuses on simplicity and happiness. 

Crane & Sail, Lesher's latest fashion endeavor, is a line of handmade dresses that she launched this June with her business partner, Marcy Bruce, a seamstress, wallet designer, and owner of Shipwreck!, a charming shop in Eureka, Calif. Together they have produced a special order of hand printed dresses for Stripe and Shipwreck! Due to positive feedback and booming sales, the design duo are now in the process of creating their Spring '14 collection.

In addition to being a new fashion designer, Sarah and her partner Michael have their own design house,Metropolis/Wilderness. The pair recently produced a small line of hand-dyed, printed towels and napkins for Stripe. Their goal is to create sustainably produced objects for the home that incorporate a unique and simple design aesthetic. My favorite product? The “Anna” tea towels, named after yours truly.

Recently, I had a chance to catch up with Lesher and learn more about her style inspiration. 

Model Gillian Kazala wears a Crane & Sail dress. Photo: Sarah Lesher.

“Anna” tea towels. Photo: Sarah Lesher.

“Deerdot” tea towels. Photo: Sarah Lesher.

How would you define your personal style? 
Clean lines, neutral tones, and bold prints with the occasional pop of color. I love soft, cozy materials and a fitted black pant or skirt is a weekly essential.

What's your favorite brand of denim? 
J Brand.

Who are some of your favorite designers?
Nadia Tarr and Dusen Dusen.

What's your favorite skincare Item?
Harmonic Botanicals Smoothing Serum. I like this light facial serum because it is made using only natural plant oils and essential oils, and has a lovely scent of rose geranium, lavender and German chamomile.

Can you share a fashion tip for the upcoming season?
Invest in something timeless and warm, like a good quality coat, sweater, or scarf.

If you're traveling and only have one bag, what do you take with you? 
I always leave the hair dryer behind and bring rosehip seed oil to help tame frizz and let my hair air dry. Minimal makeup is also a must.

If money were no object, what beauty treatment would you regularly indulge in?

If you need to get ready in a rush, what's your quick and easy beauty routine?
Hair up in a messy bun, minimal eyeshadow and brow pencil, and throw on a black blazer and low heels with whatever I’m already wearing.

What beauty products are in your purse?
Lip balm and Aveda pressed powder.

Mani or Pedi?

Heels or Flats?

Lesher is currently collaborating with Caitlin Slay and Laurel Pochucha on a wearable art piece titled "The Beearded Lady"  for the runway show at FashionArt Santa Cruz on September 28.