Seasonal Love: Cashmere


So luxurious, soft, warm, perfect for Fall and Winter. I used to think cashmere was just overpriced wool. It's not, it's finer and softer and so much more sensual and delicious. No offense to the fine sheep who keep us warm but they've got nothing on the cashmere goat. My biggest hurdle has always been the price tag. It's expensive. There's no way around it. But it's worth the investment and with proper maintenance it will last forever. The other hurdle was that due to the cost, retailers only seemed to carry the most tried and true (boring) styles. Until one winter when I found the most beautiful robin's egg blue pointelle sweater with dove grey trim at Anthropologie. It's heavenly and I became a convert; but not to the staid styles. I want the uptown fabric with the downtown sensibility. These are just a few of my favorites.