The Escape Pouch



Most days I am seen lugging around one large purse or another; there never seems to be enough room to hold everything I need. In my opinion, the bigger the bag, the better. After all, you never know what you are going to need throughout the day and I like to be prepared. Over the years, though, I have learned the trick to carrying oversized purses is to always have an escape pouch ready. So, I keep a smaller stylish clutch in my larger bag that is ready to go with lip gloss, a brush, mints and other evening essentials. That way when I am ready to ditch my giant bag and hit the town, I can do it in a flash. I’m always looking for cute new options to nest inside my purse and these ones certainly fit the bill. If you’re ready to try this trick, look for bags that have some fun details but are still neutral and can go with any outfit. Shop the post for some of my favorites.